Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hainanese Chicken Rice Singapore

this hainanese chicken ball ball rice is farrr better then the one
@ malacca ... the Farmosa Chicken Rice !
for SGD 3.50 it's afforable and plentiful of meat !
just opposite sim lim tower


QuaChee said...

act singapore is famous for chicken rice (its like the no 1 dish here). and yes, i find it nice too.

for malacca, think u should try the other stalls. but also, lots of locals dont find the rest nice (though i think better than the one u tried) :)

Phil's Blog said...

this shop is not the best ball ball rice .. but anytime better then Farmosa Hainanese chiken rice down in jonker street ...

wait for my upcoming blog about ciken ricein sg ... i'm actually searhing for the best ... but many sgrian friend told me differently .. so i ma confuse and wanted to take the challenge to eat all the brnad names that they recc .. and to finalise the best of the best frm my taste bud laa hahaahhahaha

yes notice that ciken riceis the no1 food in sg .....

btw, at one time .. i eat the same ciken rice at the same location for 3 months non stop ...

hahahaahahha i dunno why ... maybe i stress laa hahahahahha