Friday, January 23, 2009

current playing game

i give 10/10 ...die die must BUY !!!!
i'm in the middle of single player ...
i wish to finish it 1st to practice my skill before
going online hahahahahah
another 10/10 die die must buy !!!
these game u can play for a decade ... yes ...
a decade so long the game server exist ....
so why buy pirated ????
this package comes with 3 expension pack ...
wah lau ... hampalang also got wakakakakka
Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2 : Special Forces,
Battlefield 2 : Euro Force and Battlefield 2 : Amoured
Fury .....
what can u ask more ???? whole series of BF 2
another all in one Company Of Heroes, this set comes
with 2 CD, Company Of Heroes : Opposing Front
and Company Of Heroes : Game Of The Year...
it's actually and expension pack ...
dun see this RPG game you can play with ur puny
built in Intel Graphics ... die die must have Nvidia
or ATi to run ..
don't play play .. very grahics intensive ...
this is also another BONUS PACK MOH
it's actually Medal Of Honor 10th anniversary pack
this comes in a very THICK cover .. it has
8 CD in it ... hahahahahha
i just started Medal Of Honor : Airborne
not easy to play ... i dunno .. maybe my skill
SUCKS hahahahhha
anyway ... 8 CD ... F#@K .. i can play
for years to come ...
like i say ... buy original u'll have tons of
this game i bought 2 years ago ... seldom play
because BZ laa ... now i just start to play again...
C&C is my 1st real-time strategy game i ever played
and i never missed title since....
also bought 2 years ago ... hardly touch ... game too difficult to
pickup as a newbie ... will install after this long break ahhahaahha
another huge package ... also ar eal-time strategy game
i buy this because i love the movie ... the gameplay also not bad
from EA games ... cannot be that bad laa hahahaha
will start to play again ...
anyway you can brag anywhere if ur a pirates ...
and the best part is ... you can't play online hahahha losers !!!!
ok that's wrap up why i dissapear for awhile

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