Thursday, December 11, 2008

Streamyx Combo Promotion @ Johor Bahru

What is Streamyx Combo ??? is it Streamyx without
paying the landline rent ... but that is just a marketting
gimmicks lah ...
Landline rent is a monthly fee ranging from RM25++
and above, i pay RM 45 because i'm 4KM away from TM
Node, what is Node? google is ur freind ..

To benchmark with P1 Wimax Broadband ..
we use 1.0Mbps to 1.2Mbps as a benchmark

Streamyx 1Mbps/384kbps
RM88 without modem
RM99 with modem

your total bill will sum up from as little as RM113++
for a 1Mbps/384kbps So the Combo Plan # 3
RM110 (1Mbps/384kbps + free Modem)

is really a saving .... plus now with + Wireless Access Point
gives is a double whammy !!!

so lets see what P1 can compare with the Streamyx Combo.

P1 Wimax package 1.2Mbps/500kbps
RM 99 (12 months contract)
RM 88 (24 months contract)

please take note, Streamyx has 12 months contract too..

with the speed P1 offers ... it's an obvious winner.....
with the Streamyx Combo promotion (free AP)
(AP stands for Access Point = WIFI ), i can speculate
this promotion is to go head on with P1 in Johor Bahru,
KL and soon Penang ... wherever P1 goes .. ha ha ha

but let me tell u ... an Access Point is relatively cheap
nowadays ... ranging from RM100++ so to break even
getting a P1 + AP is still cheaper then getting the Combo

that's my 2cent worth comparing Streamyx Combo
latest promotion with current P1 promotion @ Johor Bahru

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Danny Foo said...

Wait till P1 rolls out their USB modem then it's going to give Streamyx a run for their money. ;)

At that time, forget bout cafe wireless as Wimax would be much faster on the go! :D

Phil's Blog said...

no doubt about it ... anyway .. it's cheaper to use P1 anyway ..
and alot more faster ...