Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lien Hoe Building @ Sentosa, Johor Bahru on FIRE !!!

view from my balcony....
7.1X Optical zoom from my camera ...

7.1X Optical + 1.4X digital zoom
Fire eaten up the top most floor of the East Wing, the Karaoke
joint, the shop behind Old Town Cafe. there rest of the wings are
my HAM's friend Jaya, called me @ 11:04pm, he's at @ Feroz's place
to lookup at the fireball ... the 1st 30mins my view was blocked
by the thick black smoke ... at about 11:40pm the fire has eaten
the whole wing and beginning to reach this ends .. so that why
i can only get the shots ...
several explosion can be heard over here ... i have another buddy
Jason @ location to give me the full report with the heat of the fire
i wish i were there ................ i think i will be amazed ....
definately ... i wonder what happend to the money changer stall...
last heard police was guarding it ... dammed !!!
anyway with near total darkness and with 7.1 optical zoom .. with
a double sided 3M tape on my balcony's grille, that's the BEST
picture i can offer ...
here's a 10second VIDEO to droll or to cry for the beers and liquor
that has been fully swallowed by the fire .... bottoms-up !!!
bloody 10seconds eats up 5.75MB ... sure high resolution video
but with distance of near 2KM, what can you expect...

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