Wednesday, October 8, 2008

04-10-08 Asam Fish - Parit Jawa, Muar

I was from Muar town going up to Parit Jawa wet market
to buy some fish, i was looking for this old shack restaurant
along the road ... i was here with my biker's freind 10 years
ago ... lucky after so many years this place is still in business
... i drop by in the late afternoon after my shopping...

the roof is made of atap leaves, this reminds me of my
kampung days when our house uses these atap leaves,
it's chilling even when the sun is above u, it's cheap and
economical to replace, the lifespan would be from 2 years
to 3 years, then you need to change it, else u'll need alot
of empty pail to sink the raindrops when it rains ... ha ha ha

here's more info about atap leaves @ nipa palm leaves

1 fan will do for 5 table .... isn't it economical ....

fried *leng chie* (dragon's tounge) a kind of fish ..... sorry dude ...
i dunno what it calls in English. But i know this fish is flat
(it swins horizontally) with one side full of meat and the other
side lesser (bottom side) and both eyes are on the meater side,
but the mouth is vertical ...

are u feeling blurr now ??? ok next time when i go to the
market ... i'll make sure i take a good shot at it ... uncooked...
asam fish .... actually asam cook with chili and with a slice
of red snapper ... actually not that simple ... duh ..

here's a link if you want to try ur hands on it

any many says that this asam fish style is originated by
the Nyonya ... so here's goes to what or who is Nyonya

anyway ... he're the review .... 5/10 ... the assam
gravy sucks ... i'll post a location where their's can
beat this restaurant hands down...

anyway .. this place is as usual .. crowded with locals
and outstation guest and sum say Singaporean on
weekends ...

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