Thursday, September 25, 2008

SOHO Free House Penang (20-08-08)

my fav spot ... just beside the DJ desk

Kilkenny fresh from the tap .... the foam are foaming .....

the creme' de la creme'

u do the reading ...

here's a video clip of Kilkenny fresh from the tab, raw... un-edited and un-censored !!!
bloddy hell my Nokia camera phone sucks ... anyway ..
nobody notice what i'm doing ha ha ha ... not even the bartender ...

SOHO Free House
No. 50, Penang Road, 10000 Penang
Tel: 604-263 3331 / 262 8331
N5 25.321 E100 20.027


Robo said...

WAH PIANG!!! Spy camera! :)
Cheers!! :)

Phil's Blog said...

ha ha ha, i wish i had my camera that day ... i use my phone camera .. cannot see much of the FOAMING detail .. anyway .. still learning here ha ha ha