Friday, September 26, 2008

BBQ @ Bukit Pasir (13-09-08)

this is the 1st time of my life buying a bag of bloody expensive charcoal ..
fxxx RM16.80 for 4KG, compare to local made charcoal RM4.50 for 5kg
but ... dun frett ... look below for the superb burning ...

bought a cheapskate BBQ PIT ala DIY @ carrefour ...
price ? forgotten but hell cheap ... less then RM 60.00
a few days b4 the bbq i have top the paint with
hi-temp BBQ Paint from Ace Hardware .. that bastard
cost me more then this DIY BBQ Pit RM 69.50

full sieze view ... cute eh ...

suprisingly the bloody expensive charcool does wonders ..
temperature controlled and basically after 6 hours and 150pcs of
chicken wings ... balance still weight 500grams.

sorry no flash ... i wonder my camera phone didn't pops up the flash ..

final product ... damn do u feel hungry now ??

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